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Whitepages is a provider of online directory services, fraud screening, background checks and identity verification for consumers and businesses. It has the largest database available of contact information on US residents. Whitepages was founded in 1997 as a hobby for then-Stanford student Alex Algard. It was incorporated in 2000 and received $45 million in funding in 2005. Investors were later bought-out by Algard in 2013. From 2008 to 2013, Whitepages released several mobile apps, a re-design in 2009, the ability for consumers to control their contact information, and other features. From 2010 to 2016, the company shifted away from advertising revenue and began focusing more on selling business services and subscription products.


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Kev says


gabby Paris says

"I wantedw to use this website for one time use and it said I can pay $ 1 for a free trial. I decided against better judgement to give it a try. It was not much helpful in me finding if the number that someone has been calling me from is valid. What made the situation worse however is finding out that my card information and the account will forever be on white pages. I will not be using this account again why are you forcing people to keep an account on your site? Even if you disable it, no one wants their credit card information just sitting on an account you are not going to use again. If you are a good hacker you caN easily get that information because its just sitting there. This site is not safe to use in my opinion. Disabling will do nothing if you can reactivate and still come back to all your STORED personal information."

Howard Paul Shore says

"I was Very Curious to see what has been written up about Me And My Cellular Phone Number Of (323) 514-2779 that I have owned for the Past 10 Years and sadly WhitePages.com is the ONLY one that has Illegally and Frivolously Published Derogatory, Wrong, Non-Factual and Untrue Information about ME and my Character whereby In The Court Of Law Is Recognized as Defamation Of Character.

I was More Than Shocked To Learn About All Of The Untruths That WhitePages.com Had Illegally Published About Me based upon Strangers Who Do Not Even Know Me and furthermore, WhitePages.com Never Even Bothered To Dig Into The Actual And Real Facts About ME.

Here Are The Disgusting Untruths About Me That WhitePages.com Has Published And Failed To Research For Your Reference And Further Review:

Recent Comments Nuisance7/1/2016 3235142779 This cell phone number is owned by Howard Paul Shore (b. Feb 13, 1970) aka PAULO or Paul Luciano, a male prostitute from Toronto (North York, Earl Bales Park, Bathurst and Sheppard area), now living in California (Culver City). A simple GOOGLE search of this phone number will also expose all sorts of lies, as he claims to be far younger than he is (often advertising on craigslist looking for sex), and often claiming to be Brazilian or Italian. Numerous ads with this phone number litter the internet mostly related to hourly rates for massage therapy, others related to renting out rooms in his California 'hostel'.(Howard's Hostel/Hotel 2535 Hauser Blvd., Los Angeles) Anonymous8/13/2015 stay away from this evil guy, he drugged my friend ans stole his money and f.ucked up his car..he is dangerous Thom Jones9/5/2014 Rude and crude, will cuss you and employees out if they don't give out a email address. A real piece of work here Numbers similar to +1 323-514-2779

WhitePages.com has allowed their website to publish different names about me such as Paulo and Paul Luciano when my name is Howard Paul Shore.

WhitePages.com called me a male prostitute.

WhitePages.com claimed I am Brasilian or Italian.

WhitePages.com claimed that I drugged somebody and stole their money and ruined their car.

Etc., Etc.

WhitePages.com Is A Very Disgusting Company Who Is In The Business Of Publishing Anything Written About Anyone Whether It Is True Or False And Without Any Legal Proof And/Or Evidence for the sake and sole purpose of Ruining Other Innocent Person's Reputation.

In This Case, WhitePages.com Really Screwed With The Wrong American Legal Binding Citizen.

No Wonder WhitePages.com Got So Many Negative Reviews Published About Themselves Online As Stated In The Following Url Address:

https://www . google. com. ar/search?q=1301+Fifth+Ave%2C+Suite+1600%2C+Seattle%2C+WA&rlz=1C1CHBF_enUS706US706&oq=1301+Fifth+Ave%2C+Suite+1600%2C+Seattle%2C+WA&aqs=chrome..69i57.909j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

In My Very Serious Complaint Letter To WhitePages.com, I told them the following:

If You do Not Remove All Of These Lies, Garbage And Untruth from Your Website Immediately, I Will Personally Do The Following:

1) I Will File A Police Report For All Of The False Allegations And Crimes That You Falsely Stated That I Committed.
2) I Will Sue You In Small Claims Court For Defamation Of Character And Subpoena The Los Angeles Police Department To Bring In A Copy Of My Criminal Records Stating The Garbage And/Or Untruths That You False Allege Since You Claim To Know More About Me Than I Do.
3) I Will Publish Negative, Public Reviews About Your Company, Including Displaying The False Information That I Have Enclosed In The Attachments On To The Following Social Media Websites, Including Mentioning All Of Your Corporate Executives Who Are Involved With This Illegal Process Of Publishing False And/Or Frivolous Information.

The Social Media Websites That I Work With Closely For Publishing Your Negative Reviews Are Of The Following:
1) RipOffReport.com
2) PissedConsumer.com
3) ConsumerAffairs.com
4) Facebook.com
5) YellowPages.com
6) Google.com
7) Better Business Bureau

I should Not even have to write You this Very, Very Serious Letter Of Complaint, but You know that if You Did This To A Celebrity and/or Major Corporate Executive, You Would Be Sued Immediately Without Receiving A Letter Such As Mine.

How Bloody Dare You Publish Fake Information Without Doing The Research First?

Shame On You.

Enclosed, in the attachments, please find one page from your company stating that my Cellular Phone Number of: 323-514-2779 Is In Good Standing, however, the other picture shows that it is Not, Obviously For The Reasons Stated Above in my Very, Very Serious Letter Of Complaint.

Please Note: After I emailed a copy of my Very Serious Complaint Letter To All Of Their WhitePages.com Corporate Executives, Then They Finally Decided To Remove The Illegal Untruths And Allegations.

Final Thoughts: Do Not Do Any Kind Of Business With WhitePages.com


Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Howard Paul Shore
Executive Writer For Social Media And Damn Proud Of It
Not A Customer Of WhitePages.com


Marci Curran says

"Issues: 1. Poor customer service. 2. I doubt the info is complete. I suspected this guy had a history, but I'd rather not trust 9+year-old info, nothing more recent. Maybe he went from trouble to perfect after a 10+year history of fi annual and legal trouble... But I doubt the completeness because he had about 10 addresses in 5 years, many problems--- and then he's supposedly stayed at one address since 2010 and had zero problems since 2011. I'd like to help this guy out but can't trust without knowing if they searched or had access to recent records. White pages keeps your credit card info stored and you can't have an account without a card on file. I've never had a subscription, just a free trial and then I opted out. Then I went back to purchase a background check, and found I'm logged in to an account, I didn't even realize I had, with my card on file. Their policy is to keep your card and account info stored INDEFINITELY. You can't opt out by purchasing as a guest, and later YOU CAN'T REMOVE THE CARD, EVEN if you DONT HAVE A SUBSCRIPTION OR OWE THEM ANYTHING. The MOST irritating thing is, YOU CANT DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT EITHER. You can inactivated the account, but your info is stored, and then if you ever want to use their service again, you van't use the same email address, without having them out in a request to their technical team. It's all ridiculous, but why should I be surprised? Their whole business is about storing personal info. It's legal. But you should be able to opt out. Reviews say they aren't the most complete or accurate service. I deactivated my account, and will go elsewhere in the future. But who knows if these companies are all the same? BTW, to get their contact info,I had to a third party site that specializes in helping people delete accounts. The site's "Contact Us" link is only a page of FAQ with no contact available. I guess they don't want to hear from people who don't like their inaccurate (or bad-accurate) personal info that is made readily available for purchase on their site. So it is what it is..."

Jeffery G Douglas - Chaplain says

"I've used WhitePages to run checks on phone numbers that are Marketing Calls, Car Warranty, Debit Relief etc. I just used it to check 702-933-5415.

WhitePages claims it's a resident number in Richmond, TX with a Las Vegas NV Area.

Another search showed the number to be a XO NEVADA, LLC Landline.
So, I ran a number I know the information to be correct. When I clicked the "View owner's name" I was sent directly to Premium Checkout. Free gives you Search with name, phone, or address and Limited contact details.

You must pay $19.99 Monthly to get Search with name, phone, or address, Limited contact details, Extensive contact details, Background Report, Monitor contacts and reports. You can Cancel anytime and is 100% money back guarantee.

Notice that the $19.99 Monthly Fee still says "Limited contact details"
What WhitePages.com fails to state is that their Information is incorrect. I Know this because the number I ran with WhitePages.com is a Number I know.

My Daughter, who has had the # for 10 years. The information provided was D------ A------- C------- with an address in East Tennessee. I think WhitePages.com needs to keep accurate information if their going to charge you for it."

Walter Victor says

"Most every website on the Internet nowadays, which provides you normally free information, always has a Premium option. I am so sick of Premium. Whitepages.com is no different. Money-hungry, greedy with a poorly designed site."

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